PayPal/Norton Refund Scam

Scammer number: +1 409 768 0221
Scammer website: N/A
Fake service they are refunding: Norton/Bitcoin
Any other scammer information:

This is the e-mail they sent out in-mass:

Dear Customer,
We have noticed unauthorized transactionsfrom your PayPal account with reference to an amount of $799.99 USD, which was
charged today 29 November 2023.

If you are certain thatyou have not made this transaction, then please get in touch with us within the next 12 hoursvia
calling on Helpline Number: +1 409 768 0221 and informing us of the circumstances.
Upon verification, we will be able to refund the amount into your account within 6 hours from the time of reporting.

Transection Details

Product name Amount Quantity Trade ID
Bitcoin $799.99 0.030 758613464

However, if no response is received withingthis frame, then we’ll be forced to charge you for the full amount, and it will
bereflected on your account statement soon.
If you didn’t make this purchase the kindly contact our support team to cancel it or to raise a refund +1 409
768 0221
We understand that saving money is important to you and we appreciate your time in keeping our account secure
and safe for both sides.
Thank you forchoosing our service.