PayPal payment scam 404-595-5722

Scammer number: 404-595-5722
Scammer email: Invoice from PayPaI LLC (#01062023012663)
Any other scammer information: PayPaI LLC sent you an invoice for $382.00 USD. Your purchase was accepeted and payment was processed. There is evidence that an unauthorized party accessed your PayPal account. Your account has been charged $382. 00 for the e-wallet credit purchase. This transaction will be reflected in the automatically debited amount on your activity after 24 hours. If you feel that you did not conduct this transaction correctly, please contact us immediately at 404-595-5722 or reach us for assistance.

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@texas_graywolf I changed the category to Refund as that’s where these type of scams should go.

Thanks Jhawk, Still learning my way around TCU.

No worries GrayWolf, learning curve in anything new is normal. Cheers and keep 'em coming!