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Scammer number: (206) 813-5177 valid as of 2/21/23 2:30pm CST
Scammer website:
Fake service they are refunding:
Any other scammer information: I just wants over an hour of his time. Wants to connect to AnyDesk

Invoice Cleared For Order KRK4270XE22594TV

Your order is under queue for monitoring and if you need to return/continue your Doge order through the payment system gateway, feel free to contact us on our Customer helpline: (206) 813-5177

Order Details

Payment Id- 45662953618

Item- Doge 2.13


Total Amount- $655.47

You received this invoice because we received a request for purchase against your account. If you didn’t request for purchase or you think this might be mistakenly placed then contact us or go to the Help section through the official website.

We will assist you promptly so call (206) 813-5177

Accounts Head
PayPal LLC

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