PayPal scam 269-6622

PayPal scam 269-6622
This is the callback number plus this one

Second number works, but you don’t have the area code for the first so I couldn’t verify it.


I had a ton of fun messing with calling the 301-708-3314 number. Supposedly this is his “personal” phone number, his “name” is Bill Smith. When I called it first he said he had just gone to lunch (about 10:30am PST for reference) and I was persistent that I needed to take care of this NOW because I needed the refund. He quickly ended his lunch and ran to his computer to “help me”…when he asked for my name I of course gave him the name Lars Ulrich!!! I told him that I had already started the call with another agent named Ace Freeley…but I guess Ace was busy on another call at the time. Then I told him that I needed to talk to Mike Hunt but HE was on another call at the time too!!! Damn, all these guys were busy!!! I insisted on talking ONLY to Mike Hunt but after being put on hold for a bit while he “talked to his boss” I guess Mike Hunt was actually fired from their company for hacking…and Mike is now hacking their phone systems. LoL.

So long story short and now the juicy bits. Seems like they KNOW that people are leary of installing AnyDesk and some of the normal access software being used. He eventually directed me to download AweSun access software…of course I didn’t, I don’t have a good juicy VM built up right now.

Also got another phone number out of him, for the “company” he works for. That number is 626-988-4009.

Have fun…and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to get him to at least say the name Mike Hunt in your call

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