PayPal Scam for Norton Antivirus

Scammer number: (855) 571-6818
Scammer email: Holly Knutson [email protected]
Any other scammer information: See the Invoice

Number 2185441948
Symantec Norton Corp.
2845 Zelda Road
AL 36106
United States

Support: (855) 571-6818
10 May 2024
Date: 10 May 2024
Order No.:
Amount Paid:
Item Units Price Amount
Norton Antivirus 1 $488.79 $488.79
All Premium Features Included

Item Units Price Amount
Insight Complimentary Plus 1 $38.79 $38.79
Premium Features

Sub Total $527.58
Discount $10.00
Tax (11%) $56.93
Total $574.51

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