Paypal support number | (877) 414-0470

Scammer number: (877) 414-0470
Scammer website: none
Fake service they are refunding:
Any other scammer information:
Screenshot 2023-06-01 115249 (
Country : India (IN) Area Code : Unknown ISP : Airtel Broadband
City : Delhi Zip Code : 110001 Longitude : 77.237300
State : DL Metro : Unknown Latitude : 28.654200

Had some fun with these guys… The idiot logged into his remote pc software on my pc so I disconnected him and removed all his clients off from his access so now he can only connect to my VM lmfao.

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He had a good little group of people on before I removed them all
Screenshot 2023-06-01 122111

@ScammerRevolts Hopefully a little Patreon vid on this one! :pray:

This is a dead number now I just called it and then it hung up