PCH LOTTERY SCAM tel#650 668 7113

Scammer Number: 650 668 7113
Scammer Website:
Any other scammer information: Received this in an old email address I used for social media and gaming websites. I have all the emails forwarded to another email alias that I don’t share. Periodically, I see these scammers trying to contact me with offers like these. After I respond they always give me a second email address to contact them with asking for the same info…you know the type you SHOULD NEVER provide online. I used to regularly spam bait, but I’m semi-retired now. Passing this on to the community.

Scammer Name: Kunz James Douglas
1st Contact Email: [email protected]

This is official notification from (PCH) Publishers Clearing House

regarding your winning prize of $ usd which your email
address was selected among the 5 lucky winners.
Therefore kindly provide me with your me with your details so i can
complete your PCH winnings immediately and send your details to :
[email protected] or contact the phone number below ( 650 668 7113)

Home Address…
Phone Number…

Best regards

Kunz James Douglas


Email they use to collect Itunes / steam card information: [email protected] / [email protected]


His crappy google form is still active:


He has been at it for a while now:

Kunz James Douglas - Publishers Clearing House - [email protected] - StopScamFraud

Bill Woodcock - Publishers Clearing House - [email protected] - StopScamFraud