People pretending to be Microsoft

This has gotta be one of the fakest microsoft tech support websites i have ever seen

As far as I’m aware this is a legit website. Run a Whois check on their website, the domain was registered in 2009, a strong indication of legitimacy. Also their website doesn’t mention any claims to being Microsoft

Dude it says Microsoft support

I have been to this site few months before and I also didn’t found anything suspicious. Even if they are scammers, they don’t state anywhere that they are from Microsoft. You can see the first line of their website - “My Phone Support is an Independent Tech Support Provider. We are unaffiliated with any 3rd party brand unless otherwise specified.” And also the last line of their site - " If you have other issues only Microsoft can solve, such as activation keys, software licenses, product replacement, or warranty information we suggest you contact Microsoft directly. However, My Phone Support can provide tech support for most other issues."

Please go to this website on TSU and u will find that this is a scam, also if you search the top where this is a search button you can see that this was a post from late 2018.

Damn, this number is currently unreachable. Tried calling the billing number on the website and got a recorded message, but they aren’t open at the time I’m calling so I’ll probably try that when they open on Monday.

Ok just call these benchodes whenever you want