Pet breeder scammer and transport company

Hi guys

I’m from Australia and was recently scammed $4000 out of pocket which was ment to be my father’s day surprise gift for a puppy my wife organised but turned out to be a scam, left devesated I’m trying my best to make sure these guys behind it are brought to justice or at least get a taste of what they have put me and my wife and family through any help would be much appreciated.

I have made the necessary reports to bank, police, and federal police and also ACCC & scamwatch

Greenland Breeders
Name: Edward Martin
Contact: +61 (480) 023-809
Address: 37 National Highway 87, Stuart NT, Australia
Email: [email protected]

Transaction Details (Greenland Breeders)
Name: Pinekera Tematau
BSB: 814282
ACC NO:31227603
Bank Institution: CUA Credit Union Australia Limited

Leading International Pet Movers
Tracking Website:
Contact: 0480048408
Email: [email protected]
Australia Address: Address:78 Pheasant Dr, Mcminns Lagoon NT 0822,

Leading International Pet Movers (Paypal Details)
Name: Eric Tallo
Email: [email protected]

Did the deal sound too good to be true?
Sorry they tricked you.

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Things seemed legit one of those things when you are blind sided by the want and happiness of looking forward to getting a puppy then to find out it was a scam :frowning: didn’t realise till my wife broke down and cried and been from a Security background did my check ups and my suspicions was correct just wish I had followed them earlier