Phone Number Extractor GUI Python

Made a terminal phone number extractor a while ago and was finally able to translate it to a simple GUI. Still haven’t figured out how to package it into an exe, but in due time. So here’s a link to the python script, let me know about any features and whatnot that should be added in the future.


Nice work! I’ll give it a go over the next few days and see what happens :slight_smile:


You can use Pyinstaller to turn this into an exe.

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Is this something that could be put up on an open source platform such as github? I am unable to browse the package here on my iPad.

Does your package only recognize phone numbers or can it correlate these with other pieces of information in the files? While processing files it would be useful to extract other pieces such as Names, addresses, CC numbers, etc. and then to build a reverse index to correlate all the information surrounding each element.

This process is termed Data Extraction and is part of a larger process termed Extraction Translation Load (ETL). There appear to be several existing packages for ETL. Maybe one of these would suit the needs here without reinventing the wheel or the whole car.

@Onad yes, I am able to get it on github when I get back home. I’ll link asap.

It only recognizes phone numbers at the moment. Your idea has me thinking of saving a local database as a csv file with “names”, numbers, “occupation”, and any other relevent info. At least until I can host a SQL database.

I’ll definitely check out those packages that can help out with ETL, thanks for the great ideas. For the moment I’ll figure out pyinstaller to at least get an exe out.

EDIT: Here’s the link @Onad GitHub - slickwatts/swpyportfolio: Portfolio of Python scripts