Play Dumb, Ask Stupid Questions, Phish for their Real Phone Numbers

A lot of what I’m going to say here should be pretty obvious as soon as you see the title. Bottom line, pretend to be stupid and ask a question about every technical term they speak. “I’m not sure what that is, I’ve heard about it before though”
If they say “drivers” pretend that you heard “divers”
If they say “Services” pretend that you heard something that rhymes with that. “What do you mean the cervix stopped?”

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Talk in a thick southern accent and say “ain’t” a lot.

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Not all people in the south or any rural areas for that matter are unintelligent.
Uninformed maybe, but you can’t teach intelligence. Don’t make judgements based on surface level stuff.
Being totally honest though, that stereotype might be a good veil to hide behind to convince a scammer that you’re not acting.

Oh yeah, I’m not saying that anyone with that accent is dumb at all. It’s not ME who thinks that.

The Indians behind the phone will though!