Please call this number as much as you can: 18558555142

Please call this as much as you can!


Thanks a lot!
I use Google Hangouts and it does not show any number. The guy was hanging up because he was not seeing any number I believe.

New number for scam baiting:
This one is very rude!

I called and he had me open up and then said he was having technical difficulties and would call me back in the hour.

He answered one time and we talked for a while…tried calling from other numbers and it says call cannot be completed at this time.

Fire RTC wont work on that number for some reason…
almost all my accounts are locked anyway. dont know if thats the reason. contacted them anyway

taking care of this one

they are shock im doing nothing for xmas exept trolling them

ive got him to sub to thew utube channekl scammer revoltz hahahahahahahahahah he is number 40 052 sub

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still on hold from this number for like 3 hours lol

i just called that guy umm maybe hudred times , ughh but now i got to to bed

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this number is not doing any thing

This number is runned by a Punjabi family out in the middle of kalcutta they both share workers with software support (premium techie support but a fake company) a another one of their numbers is 18336617666 the Company’s name is Chawla Tech Support

lol chaiwalla techsupport

hey guys I found out that if you call [1-855-855-5142]
and then SPAM EVERY NUMBER you can other then the ones they tolled you to press
witch was 5-6-7 they will pick up anyways XD

there saying there drug addict help line rehab thing now after i trolled them lol

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these dudes are short tempered… I say one insult and they immediately hang up the phone xD

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I called 15 times trolling amd spamming them and they just arent talking anymore in one of the calls one guy said "get a life":joy::joy: