Please Report Fake Virus Alert Popups Elsewhere Too

Report the domain names of BrowserLocker pages to not just
mozilla, google and microsoft.

But also Comodo, Avira, Emsisoft, Malwarebytes, Avast and BitDefender.

BitDefender’s email support team just made me aware of these two olnine forms. (report any BrowserLocker popups as “false negatives” if they’re undetected by BitDefender)

Those antivirus companies make web-filters in the form of browser extensions and web protection components in their AV programs. I will do my best to use twitter to pressure these companies into opening a online forms to report these scammer websites and their BrowserLocker popups.

Comodo has a form accessible through their browser extension. Emsisoft has one in their extension. Google has form you can access that can be googled to find. I think mozilla as well has an online form that you can get to from the browser settings in firefox.

I suppose it would be the most effective to report these domains to Microsoft, google and mozilla, as they all make web browsers that are commonly used.