Pop up from facebook



Hi! Please don’t put the popup link in the title of your posts.

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Sorry about that I think its fixed.

I think it is still in the title (I clicked on it by mistake while browsing the forum)

… rang a couple of times- another one doing the loooong silence then ring tone / busy signal dance. Not dead - but in a coma…

Seems that these scammers aren’t even capable of setting up a decend website. Guys, try accessing https://virussafety-alerts.xyz/ (without any path following, just the adress) and you see the whole php configuration. A normal website isn’t supposed to give away that much information.

Information gathered by simply looking at the website:

External Adress:
External Port: 443

Internal Adress:
Internal Port: 42908

Software: nginx/1.15.8 & php 7.3.2
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

Registry Registrant ID: CR356672935
Registrant Name: Sawan Kumar
Registrant Street: B59,Pandav Nagar,Akshardham,NEW DELHI
Registrant City: New Delhi
Registrant State/Province: Delhi
Registrant Postal Code: 110092
Registrant Country: IN
Registrant Phone: +91.7728025610
Registrant Email: [email protected]

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