Pop-up leads to scammer group with multiple webpages

Original phone number listed on the pop-up: (855) 840-0244

Who they claimed they are: http://rapidtechnicians.com/

The physical address associated with their company does not actually exist on google maps.

They also only accept checks as a form of payment for their services so have some fake check information ready if you plan on calling them.

First payment webpage they opened: https://www.itimes.us/pay-now-vmak/

Homepage of itimes: https://www.itimes.us/index.html

A simple search of domain host and what IP the website is hosted under shows that the website is hosted by godaddy.com and when checking for websites hosted under the same IP, it leads to multiple websites that look exactly the same as this website.

Second payment webpage: https://www.winsecuritysystems.com/pay-now-vmac/

Homepage of winsecuritysystems: https://www.winsecuritysystems.com/index.html

This looks basically the same as the first one. Didn’t exactly get a chance to figure what kind of payment gateway they use to processes checks but the good news is that I managed to waste 2.5 hours of the stupid scammers time and made him very salty.

Hopefully this information helps an informed person avoid getting scammed and helps my fellow scam baiters troll the f**k out of them.

Cheers everyone! :smile:

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Good post, very informative I might look into maybe doing a video on these guys. :grin: