Pop-up scammers 1-866-298-4402

These guys from (Aspire Marketing Sydney,Australia) scammed my 76 year old father for 590 usd$ with a popup scam. Their number is 1-866-298-4402 and 816-399-5404. Their email is [email protected]. The guy referred to himself as Kevin wilson. That’s all i got

what type of popup is it? I called n he just started saying “FUCK U, U SON OF A BITCH FUCK U” XD
'm surprised their still active tbh it’s 8:51 pm where i am and they usually arent active past 8 before we had daylight savings in FL it was 9

I was some type of tech support scam. My dad told me he couldn’t close the popup so they sold him some McAfee plan for a year. I’m not sure who they were claiming to be.

were you guys able to get the money back? Or are you in the process of trying to do that

My father contacted his bank and they told him it was too late. Other than that, i am not aware of any othre recourse…

----------sad to hear that:[