Popup support scammers windows (877) 999-8257

Scammer number: (877) 999-8257
Popup link: https://dataweb12.z19.web.core.windows.net/Win01securityMyohelpline0041/index.html
Any other scammer information:

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Talking to a sr. …. I told them I have $5000 in google play gift cards……. :credit_card: After calling over and over for about a hour, and being passed around to all the scammer

(408) 256-6696

Update: you can txt him at that number!!!..… been sending him this pictures every 5 sec!!!..…



Yes, if you really want to bait them, call and say you have $1000s in security cards. They will chase you like a squirrel in a dog park.

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Couple more call back numbers for these squirrel chasers…

‪(571) 486-1496‬
(901) 310-5465

EDIT: Here’s another one: (205) 866-0727
I patched this one in with the field office of the local FBI.

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