Positive Approach VERY effective to naive call centre workers

My microphone doesn’t work, or my computer is just a bit shit - so I’ve been playing around with a lot of sound boards and just looping it through my input.

I was ringing this gift card scam on BobRTC (+1 (855) 381-5333) for about 2-3 hours on a late night tangent (AUS time) and it started off with mostly Americans (young males and females) with the odd indian, eventually I only got indians. I found this very interesting as I’m sure my approach was very effective.

I just used TTS with these exact phrases and it caused a lot of commotion (passing headsets around, freaking out, mashing keyboards) I would wait for a response and then play the next one… If nothing else, it kept them on the phone way longer than my stupid family guy soundboards and racked up my BobRTC XP!

-Are you aware the company you are working for is a scam?

  • It’s not a real job, the owners of this company are collecting peoples information and threatening them with many different scams.

  • You will feel better about your life if you do something positive with your time. You can always make more money, but you can never make more time. Be careful who, you, become.

Ha, the old lenny soundboard is always fun.