Possible disneyland tickets scam

I was looking for discounted disneyland tickets and I was looking through youtube videos to see what other people had used when I came across the youtube channel Magic Ticket Discount. Where it looks like they just had a ton of paid actors to say stuff about their company, stuff I’ve seen on other scam companies youtube pages, on top of that comments were disabled as well, so from there I became skeptical. Then, I decided to visit their website, which seemed very outdated and unprofessional (at least on my smart phone) when i tried to see payment options it opened up weird shortcuts on the screen leaving you with the option to call their phone number at the bottom, which is a southern california area code, but I’m sure it could be spoofed. The Yelp reviews and “photos of real customers” seemed pretty illegitimate as well. I didnt really bother going through calling, so if anyone wants to give it a shot, scambait away.
I apologize in advance if it’s legit and I ended up being stupid

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0AaqnHBKVQydDexoOCLL6g

Phone #:


Im not totally sure saying that I gotta text him to gwt the tickets

It is a scam. They’re from India. They call back on this number 19498363101

Got there name ? So that way I can scare them