Possible noob technical question

Hey everyone, I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum/topic, but I have a question that I am not sure what category it might go into. I just joined this forum today after watching a couple of videos where Mike (I presume that’s his name) scammed a couple of scammers by doing some light/moderate damage to their computers (LOVED the password change!!) after they supposedly walked him through installing Team Viewer.

My question is this: Why would it be necessary for them (the scammer) to give him (the victim) their Team Viewer ID and password? Simply asking him his T.V. ID and password should be enough for their purposes. I have used T.V. myself to help my friends with their computer problems, and it is not necessary for both parties to have the other partie’s ID. As long as they “accept” the incoming takeover request from the scammer, that is all that is necessary. Again, I apologize if this is a foolish noob question, or if I put it in the wrong forum/topic area. Thanks in advance for the reply!!

Hey Gomyr,

this process is necessary due to the fact that teamviewer will notify the user (victim) if the incoming connection is based in india. Since alot of scamming operation centers are based in india, teamviewer tried to build some additional security into their system by displaying a simple warning. The message should look somewhat like this:

(Source: https://www.gateacrecomputers.co.uk/scam-calls)

To avoid getting the user (victim) more suspicious than necessary, those scammers try to let the user connect to their (scammers) pcs and advice them to change the direction afterwards. By doing this the warning note will not be displayed.

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