Potential scam in Google Ads

Just noted the following ad on TSU web site. It is likely to be unsafe. Is there any way to get rid of this kind of ad?

It will be a shame if people will be lead to scams from TSU web site.

Have you verified that this is a scam? If it is a scam you can report it directly to google or I can block the advertiser from my end but it looks like so far you are just assuming that this is a scammer’s AD.

I am assuming it is a scam or a kind of data collector. Pretty hard to imagine a legitimate reason for this kind of activity.

But not sure, this is why added “potential”

Is there a way to show safe ads only?

Well, it looks like “https://www.peoplelooker.com/” is a data broker company, I’m guessing they buy data from companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit and run this service to make revenue from that data they have bought. I don’t see any reason to believe this site is a scam but probably a crappy service judging from the reviews. Sure I can block this domain from showing on TSU but I can’t block every site like this, Google would have to handle this on their end and cancel the advertisers’ account. If I could I would make the site 100% run-off donations but TSU simply does not have that reach and I still have to get something back in order to pay for server hosting and any other services related to TSU.

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