Power Company Disconnect

Scammer number: None just informational.
Scammer website:
Any other scammer information: Just got a robocall on my cell phone saying, "your power will be disconnected in the next 1/2 hour due to non-payment. I pushed the # 2 and the guy came on and said we have disconnect notice for you. I asked him what company he worked for? He said SoCal Edison. That is strange because that are not my power company. I told him that is very interesting. I then asked him what name is on the account? He said I can look it up. He came back on 3 seconds later and asked me what my name is. LOL, I said I already asked you that question. He said again, I will look it up. CLICK!

Moved this to general since it doesnt contain any actual scammer information.


A friend of mine was almost (minutes away) from being scammed with this one in Maryland, USA. He hung up when he heard my voice.

I’m convinced I can have a better conversation with a rock than most of these mooks!