***Premium Tech Support***


Number: 1-866-513-0381
Active as of Wednesday February 27, 2019
They have 24/7 Support. Pretty sure they are from India as one guys name is Skidder or something like that. It was more hilarious to make a group phone call with them, merging the calls together. Also, this was my first call to spammers, so I wasn’t as experienced, but I still had some fun wasting their time. They told me that I should never call their number again, others said I should “Open my mouth” and others told me to speak English because they couldn’t understand what I was saying.


He told me his name was “Shaker” lol.


@Robbie_Fondriest Where did you find this number?


@HwSystems So it started when I was listening to something on Youtube and I saw a link to download the music, so I clicked on it and it downloaded. I opened it and then a bunch of apps came out and this number popped out too.


when I busted him my friend jumps on and screams [email protected]#$ T-Series Subscribe to Pewdiepie SCAMMER!!! I lost it.