Prepayment e-mail scammer +2347080530776

Mr richard frank ([email protected]) been e-mailing me all week wanting to send me 12.5mil via atm card as soon as i pay the $450 and give him the MTCN number. :slight_smile: i sent him the WU receipt but the MTCN number wasnt readable :slight_smile: whoops now he want me to call him to confirm the mtcn lol >>

okay Please the payments slip is not clear
Write out the number out and also with the senders name and address and send to me

send me the MTCN number

i will advice you to send me the mtcn number, so that on tuesday i will deliver your ATM card to you.
call me now +2347080530776

call me now +2347080530776
WhatsApp +234 701 660 0315
withdraw on the ATM card. is $10000.00

Head Office
NO: 23 Off Lake Road
Lagos Nigeria


Address: Lagos Nigeria

amount …$475.00

still really wants that mtcn lol

how money times am i going to tell you that your ATM card water $15000000 the fund

please call me now +2347080530776
withdraw on the ATM card. is $10000.00

please send the MTCN number now…