Puppy scam

My brother was “gifted” two free Huskies all he had to pay was $500 for the plane ticket. The shipping company name is vision point caries. The dogs were at Texas and they were supposed to come here in Illinois 4/29/20. But they never came and the company asked $950 for a save deposit, but they are asking for another $500 for the two dogs. I want to help my brother but I don’t know how to so that’s why I’m here

Have you tried contacting the payment processors you used for the payment and inform them abt the situation?

Yes, we called the bank, but the bank said that they can’t do anything about it. He lost $1,450 in total. I found out the company is fake. Went to their website saw one of their “owners” Salih Tasnim that’s not her real name. She’s Czech she has an account on LinkedIn.

I just paid someone 500$ I wish I would’ve known. They were free siberian huskys named prince and lily right? Ugh. I really hope I can get my money back. That’s complete bs.