Question: Why don't scammers use VMs?

So I’ve watched some of the Scammer Revolts videos and a few other channels and I’m wondering why the scammers don’t just use VMs themselves? Wouldn’t using a VM protect them from various malware? Just curious if there is a reason they don’t do this or if it can be chalked up to general ineptitude.


Very rarely they do. Being fly by night/hours they would need to network all the VMs in the office. Most of them use illegal versions of windows anyway which seems to be their caveat. The ones that do use VM are the ones you need to be most cautious with.

I don’t think they really need to, if there smart and use a VM, then there all so are smart to not run card.exe or let people in there team vewer that they don’t know

There just stupid, networking is a major issue in this. Software could not run aswell on a VM due to its limits of RAM and stuff like that.