QuickBooks Scam

They told me your QuickBooks account had a security issue and your data is corrupted. they scam me of $ 1599.99 .


Wow, lazy scammers. Just give us your business account info first thing or we’ll curse you out. I wish I had some fake but real sounding QB stuff to keep them on the phone longer…

ETA: This guy is a real piece of work… answers the phone as QB help and then swears he’s not a criminal.

1-866-202-8774 Quick Books Fake Support.
This guy is a arrogant real prick… everyone is a dumbass but him.
Apparently everyone in India is a computer genius and everyone in the USA is not.
If he tricks you out of money, you’re dumb.
If you call him out as a scammer, you’re dumb.
If you’re not Indian, you’re dumb.
And, typically, all he can do to argue his point is to interrupt.
I reminded him that it’s a scientific fact that he’s in the group that’s likely to have the smallest reproductive organs, and then Mr. arrogant finally hung up.


I’m not sure about your racial statistics, but you’re probably better off focusing on insulting the individual instead of the entire race. Keep it classy. If you’re going to go after the size of his manhood, use some fake pop psychology to infer that he specifically is under-endowed. Even if it were true that his race is statistically under-sized (I have no idea), he could well be an outlier.

Why does he feel the need to dismiss everyone else as stupid? Does he worry that if he’s not the smartest person around, no one will truly care for him? Make up some lie about a study showing that 84% of men who lash out at others do so because they’re worried their partner is about to leave them because they’re under-endowed, or recently went through romantic rejection based on their under-endowment.

Better yet, unless you have some way to convince him that his manhood will grow if he gives up scamming, it’s probably more productive to get him to question his self-worth and convince him he’ll feel better about himself if he quits scamming. Utterly destroying a scammer by turning them into a productive member of society should be our highest goal.

You’re right, I should do it your way. What was I thinking?