Rass Infotek Inc Job Agency Scam

Scammer number: 302-286-9894 Ext: 106
Fax: 302-220-4117

These jack rabbits will not stop calling me. They first called and claimed to offer me a job opportunity with a low salary. I told them they needed to go higher in salary otherwise I was not interested. They hung up.
A few minutes later, they called, and claimed that they can offer me an opportunity with the salary that I have requested. I told them to drop it to my email. And if I am interested, I’ll respond by the end of the day.
So I get the email with the salary requested, however they claim that they don’t want to give me any benefits for my requested salary. (see attachment below) Where I am at, this is absolutely illegal. Who would accept a job opportunity without benefits such as health insurance or PTO.
They keep calling and calling, thinking that I am going to take this opportunity. Honestly, who would want this?