Ready for setting up a VM with VMware

So, i’ve tried working with Virtualbox, quite user friendly but hiding the traces in the VM itself is a pain.
Had a lot of mouse cursor freezes and weird delays too, Guest additions was installed though…
No big deal.

Got a few Q’s about VMware though. ( Preferred software )

After OS installation, should i activate Windows or not ?

Making the VM as genuine as possible by adding frequently used apps and such,
will suspicious scammers look at install dates (if any) or will they overlook that ?

Hardware related :

I don’t have a mic or headset, would i be actually needing this ?
I’d like to stick with e-mail scams for now…

A second monitor, that’s an advantage, right ?
It 's for expanding the Windows desktop rather than duplicating or just working on 1 screen.
i just like more desktop space and better overview of various windows.
If so, does VMware support this fully ? I know it’s an OS utility but just asking it anyway.

That’s all for the moment,

For those about to reply here, i don’t expect long answers as i don’t want to take too much of your time,
i’ll understand the logic behind most given answers.

Thanks in advance.

Look up Jim Browning on YouTube. Excellent step by step.

2 monitors is a good setup, but I would use one monitor with your VM. This way you can have whatever else on the other monitor and if you ever get to calling scammers to let them in your pc, you can have other things in the background on the other monitor that they can’t see.

  1. Don’t activate it. That’ll give you something to talk about while you’re switching on him.
    “So yeah… I never figured out how to activate windows, I was wondering if you can help me. Whenever I try to do it it says 'cannot contact Microsoft servers” and that’s where i click ok…"
    when you are deleting his stuff or whatev you can feed him that. You get the jist.

  2. yeah get a nice wallpaper on there, get the standard issue programs, free ones. Save a few word documents on the Desktop that are really actually articles copied and pasted from Wikipedia. Don’t worry about plagerism, Professor Carmichael doesn’t need to know. lol.

  3. no. Dude you gotta foot at least five bucks for a cheapo headset from… go to but it’ll take forever cos that stuff comes from China. And with the Corona… hoo wee.

  4. I got myself a second monitor with a nice versatile monitor stand so i got it sitting pretty. If you turn a 16:9 sideways, you can stack up three windows vertically but do it manually. resolution plays a huge role in the amount of real estate you got up there.

no problem and im glad to assist.

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