Recieved a phone call from a scammer (956) 290-0913

As of just a few seconds ago, I’d recieved a phone/robo call from a scammer using phone number (956) 294-0913 - Having listened to the voicemail left by said number states the following:

“you received this message to inform you of legal action filed against my social security number for 'criminal activity.”

I’m going to try to call back and wreck their day, and of course if @ScammerRevolts is looking for another victim to troll, feel free to blow this number up to pieces! Happy trolling! :smiley:

UPDATE: I’d just attempted to call back the number they’d called from, and so far, all I get is a message saying “call rejected” followed by a hangup. I will make a few more attempts to contact said scammer(s).

They answered, and it is INDEED a scammer.

You are using textnow i am guessing, this is what happens when you reached your call limit for the day. In my case i just make a new account in seconds it doesn’t need any sort of confirmation.

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I actually managed to get a hold of the guy, and now I’m TROLLING THE SHIT out of him with funny YouTube prank phone call effects, video will follow! :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, hit him with that virus u got

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Oh, I plan too, but I don’t want to kill them off just yet…I enjoy a good slow tourture/workup! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I just used an “indian takeout order” prank and the woman was hysterical when she kept asking me to repeat! <3

yo, send me that virus script on email
wanna try it

I received a scam call from a call center pretending to collect for the Illinois police. The scammer gave me a fake number to call back on but I was able to hit redial and got the call center. Their number is 217-319-1132.