Recording pretend to be Disvover

Got a recorded message from a Utah number saying they were Discover, they were making calls to customers to let them know that they should not respond to those calls bcuz they are scams. Then you’re offered the opportunity to stay on the line to speak to an authorised rep who then will take your questions; you get hold music then a new recording tells you that you’ve reached their international line, if you would like the US they provide a number. I saved the number if you want it.
Is this real or a scam?

Most likely a scam. Next time, Shazam the hold music and let us know what it is and we’ll tell you if it is an Indian Scam Call Center. They play a particular set of hold music that most other legitimate places don’t. Also, post the number regardless and those of us who are more experienced will investigate it for you. If it’s legit, I’m sure the moderators will delete it.

Until my Mom got scammed I didn’t think these scams were common but after watching a lot of videos from ScammersRevolt and now my own experiences I investigate everything there are way to many of these scams going around. I taught my g/f how to detect them as well and the other night she clicked the wrong link and they were trying to scam her for hooking up Roku but because of what I taught her and her knowing I didn’t pay for my Roku to be activated she hung up and gave me the number to play with, I should have shared but I am still having fun with them.