Refund Department

Working number: 844-793-4425

SCAM Computerized male voice offering a refund of $350 for computer services as company going out of business. Message left on answering machine.


wow these guys are scummy they wanted me to log into my bank account on my pc look to for a blue or black color link to see if I was hacked, Hope people don’t fall for this!

The number rang forever but finally someone pick up so now I fill out a refund department form. Look on keyboard Windows key and letter R, brings u a page that is in Hindi and then he will translate the page he said click options 5 for any desk lol but 5 is tight VNC lol dumb scammer. After I exposed them they hung up I had two different scammers on the line. Ha enjoy.

Hi, I’m going to waste these bhenchods time!

Not sure if they are closed, having too many calls, or just blocking me. However, I have called them 10 times and the other side just keeps closing the line.

Before I flag the page I will call them up on a few different numbers today and see then flag it to become a dead number.

Yea, this number is just ringing endlessly, without any answer, or even a timeout. I don’t know what it means, but I figured I’d update this post.

Please don’t reply to any dead numbers but flag them for staff to review the numbers as it spams the forum.

Ok, my bad. I did this to a couple of other posts, before reading your reply here, so my apologies.