Refund Scam (410) 604-7180 [Also Number Finding Method]

I was thinking of how I can find scammer’s numbers. Then it came to me but, you all know that you can find numbers there. So I decided to take it a step further. Everyone knows there is no search feature on that site. So… I decided to download 1.3k+ HTML site pages from there website. Then I took the pages and converted them to .txt format, then I used a tool to merge them together so that I can search through it easily, so imminently I searched for “Refund” and very surprisingly I only found 2 matches, one was this number, and another number that was un-callable. If you have suggestions on what I should search for comment it below. Anyways, I thought it was a pretty cool method I used, and I wanted to share it with you all. :smiley:

Robo Message:
Customer this message is auto-generated from the billing
department of computer support and this call is in regards to the auto
Deborah charge of $249.00 for your computer services which will be
deducted from your bank account today if you want to cancel this charge
and want this amount refunded and do not want to continue the services
call us 141-060-4718 extension 0 i repeat 410-604-7180.

A cool screenie of the search, that I was talking about above.

Alright enjoy, and don’t forget to comment what I should search for next, because I have a database of 1.3k robocallers now, I am sure you can come up with good stuff to search for! :wink:

search for debt collector

You don’t need to download all of their pages. Google has a search method you can use to achieve the same result. Simply type the following in the top search bar, using Google as search engine:

site: +”amazon”

Replace amazon with whatever term you want. Use the tools menu to filter results on a timeframe of interest.