Refund scam (808) 272-9985

Scammer number: (808) 272-9985
Scammer website: none referenced in email
Any other scammer information: Was to renew or cancel N0RT0N 360 Security software in the amount of $426.87. Below is the text of the email (which did not contain an invoice number that I can see):
Item Price

#N0RT0N 360 Security $426.87

Yearly Subscription -Auto Renews on 02/2/2023 Total: $426.87

Payment method: Auto Debit

Dear Customer,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for opting for our services of Life-Lock membership. In case you have any doubt about the transaction or requirements of this service, you can contact us on +1 (808) 272-9985 (Toll-Free).

Your #N0RT0N_One member account is being billed with $426.87for N0RT0NLifeLock Business.

In the same light, we would like to inform you that replying to this email address will not generate any kind of response. This email has been generated through automated machines. Our customer service contact numbers are better for receiving reliable answers.

Note: please call Billing @+1 (808) 272-9985 (Toll-Free) 8 a.m - 10 p.m EST, if you did not place this order.