Refund scammer got himself a syskey: (646) 779-4257

Ask for the guy who got his computer locked XD

Number: (646) 779-4257

your customer this call is from Amazon customer support this is to notify you regarding your today’s purchase on of two hundred and seventy nine dollars on your Visa card if you have made this purchase on and recognize it then simply hung up on your order will be delivered to you however if you have not made any such transaction you can call Amazon support on █████ I repeat


on call rn XDXD lets see where this goes
THEIR TALKING ABOUT YOU!!! they are going crazy in that call center XD


Lmaaooo they begged for the fucking password :rofl::rofl:

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Yes when I called they were going crazy :joy:

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dude how do you get connections to them? had no luck

Possibly dc’d their number

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I got the guy that got syskeyd he said “someone set a syskey”

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i mean like connections to their PC, i can rarely even get anyone to connect to mine. my poor windows 7 wirtual machine:(

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I feel like you have to use a voice changer to make yourself sound like an adult or elderly.

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LOL those scammers are so dumb!!

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got him connected and he tried to run his typical “.bat refund server” packet sniffed his traffic and got the call centers IPV4 ~ ~ enjoy!


Cisco router login is exposed via the web:


rofl nice work. they made it so blatant it was a scam

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Yeah im calling.:joy: :trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy:

I sadly couldn’t get the username or password I don’t think they have a default one
nvm they turned everything off on that network

Just flooded them and reported them to provider.

this is funny xD good work guys