Refund Scammers 1(866) 773-8644

Refund scammers, sounds like 2-3 guys, they connected to my VM with Team Viewer and they put a RAT on my VM. These guys are your average refund scammer that thinks they have mastered computers. Not sure of the exact voicemail but it is something like your typical “we are closing and refunding you $399”. Again the number is 1(866) 773-8644, hit them hard!

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Goes to voicemail, I don’t think they’re picking up anymore

Still working for me

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Still working for me to @etnguyen03 you may want to check your calling software and make sure they can accept your calls.

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They know my voice now, lol every time I say something they instantly hang up.

Goes to voicemail, but mailbox is full. 4/2/20 18:12 PDT.