Refund scammers: (618) 718-7232

Number: (618) 718-7232

dear customer this is an important notification call to you from billing department of computer services this is to inform you that 399 dollars is going to be charged from your checking account or plastic card which is attached in our system within 24 hours for the auto renewal of your subscription if you want to cancel the subscription please press one or call us immediately at support 120

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OOPS lol we posted the same number im on call with em rn
I’m stil on call with him he won’t budge with using Anydesk
I freaked him tf out by telling him his teamviewer ID by checking the log files from when he tried to connect to me XD
thats crazy we found the same number at the same time XD

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Just set up a 1:30am call on them they’ll be pissed about that XD