Refund scammers: (810) 277-9385

Number: (810) 277-9385

To inform you that the securities and service we have been providing you that are not able to work for now due to some technical issue from our side so we are refunding you the money which you paid for your computer securities so please give us a call back 181-027-7138 extension 5 I repeat 810-277-1385 extension 2 get your refund or to renew the services thank you.

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Yeah this guy wont even get past the I have a refund for you before he is saying F you…to an OLD WOMAN poor old soul…you must have got him good…i hope

Bump (810) 277-9385 sdfsdfsdf

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I have a go to assist support key for you - 279-428-668 and 343-117-515