Refund scammers - (844) 931-4318

Number: (844) 931-4318

your customer this is an important notification call to you form rapid _____ maintenance service this is to inform you that _____ dollars is going to be charged from your checking account or credit card which is attached in our system within two working days for the auto renewal of your subscription if you want to cancel the subscription please call us instantly at support _____ I repeat the number _____

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Deleted one guys files and went for the syskey but he caught me just in time before i hit enter…need to be a little faster this time

I have their form page web address…how do you report them?

Lol they gave me their bank information. Do what you will with it. Ive already reported it to the company but flood them with these reports to make sure they get the message.

Scammers bank acct


Did you call them or report online?

reported online. I cant call them at the moment but i plan to. They’re based out of Thailand tho so they might not know english but im still going to try

I reported the site to Radix (they run the entire .website TLD). the site itself is more or less a carbon copy of a Google form. the links at the bottom are broken since they’ll attempt to load pages from D:\mywebsite\refund\ (lol). the “Report Abuse” link even points out the Google form they copied (

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Just got a response from the bank in which they told me that the account has been taken down and being investigated by the authorities. Ladies and gentlemen… we got em’.


I sent their number to scammer blaster
floods them with approx 3,600 calls a second.
they are mad


I just called them and I got a pretty racist and musical scammer
When someone calls them ask for the musical one