Refund scammers - (978) 595-2720 ask for ahmed

One of their names is Ahmed, I wiped his laptop

Number: (978) 595-2720

Hi this is an important call to inform you that your card has been charged $399.00 for one year p.c. tech support if you would like to cancel the subscription and get your money back then please call back now at 978-595-2720 I repeat 978-595-2720 thank you.


Lol, called them, no response

How did you wipe he’s machine
Are there any specific known exploits in any of the remote desktop software they use? or how did you achieve this, im just getting into this thing myself (recovering from a broken back so what better to do than waste some dumb scammers time), and gaining a reverse shell to stop them in their tracks is ofcourse the ultimate goal :slight_smile: