Refund scammers RATTED again (442) 440-3616 PLEASE FLOOD THEM

I have been messing with these guys all day. Yesterday I managed to rat and destroy one of their OS, check it out if u want to: - YouTube


here is their IP:

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As much as it sucks to hear this but non toll free numbers when you call flood them is you just tie up their que to where next to no one can get through that easy and uses any credits you built up on whatever dialer you’re using is it’s a free one. Toll free numbers the scammer has to pay for every incoming call whether there is someone on the other end of the call or not, those are the numbers to really flood. The non toll free ones if you want to flood will prevent them from incoming and outbound because all lines are tied up, they may either shut the system down for a day or just trash the number.