Refund scammers RATTED + MEMZ TROJAN deployed (855) 282-7784

So yesterday I started a thread revolving around a big group of refund scammers. I started fucking with these guys for a few hours and managed to delete files off of 3 pcs and also ratted one of the pcs. After the rat I fucked around for a bit and decided to deploy the MEMZ TROJAN and it was a succes:

The number is: (855) 282-7784
Their call back textnow voip is: (801) 462-0316


Good job, Scambaiter!

Quick tip from experience, upload this on bitchute as YouTube will probably take it down.

Will do, still a small channel tho so will probably do it later. Im a huge fan of yours and I watch all ur vids, u even inspired me to start making vids. Thanks for responding (and hopefully watching the vid), you genuinely made my week.