Refund scammers (syskeyed) - (626) 416-2833

Had a little fun with them XD, wiped and syskyed one of their desktops -

Refund forum:

Number: (626) 416-2833

Hi This call is from Amazon I would like to inform you that your Amazon Prime account will be auto renewed with $299.00 from your bank account if you would like to cancel or refund this you can call us immediately at 626-416-2833 thank you.

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I deleted the files on one of their computers. They are on high alert though, was a pain to finally get them to do it.

Just called them and antagonzied them, still an active number

Here is their new phone number, they are very sus now XD

Number: (833) 966-2106

New msg:
your customer this call is in regards for the renewal of your computer services as you are a registered customer so $399.99 will be deducted from your account if you wish to cancel or stop the payment please press 1 or call us back at our toll free number _____ thank

Is the Google Forms link a legit google form page or is it tryna grab my ip?

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It’s a real google forum ran by the scammers, I’m not sure why google has not removed it yet.

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Tbh try to take the shovels when they arent looking that they are using for their own graves and hand them some heavy equipment for serious terraforming… also i love your videos but inwould really love to see you get as many as syskeys in a row

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