Refund scammers? Vacation scammers? - (918) 419-1212

Voicemail was for a refund scam but when you call they say it’s for a free vacation lmao.

Number: (918) 419-1212

hi this is the notice from Windows refund department regarding the security of your computer for which we have charged you three hundred and ninety-nine point nine nine dollars if you want to unsubscribe the plan then we can refund you the money or else this service is already been Auto renewed if you want to refund so press one I repeat please press one speak to our expert team thank you

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“I’m sorry, that’s not a valid extention. Please try again” and hangs up

I’ve done called these guys three times and they keep answering like idiots. Scammers are getting hungry at the end of the year. Btw they claim now to be monster reservations. I called monster reservations and put them on three way with these guys and monster said they know nothing of anything they say or know this number

Talked to an American who works for Marriott vacation fulfillment center from home. He said he was calling his manager due to the number being compromised.

I’ve had tons of calls from fake Marriott people, so this may or may not be a scam. He seemed legit, said he had 2 arrest warrants open on him now from the IRS. We had a laugh.

Wished him well. Maybe the number was spoofed for a while. He said he would look into it.

Verdict: I dunno

Called it from a few different numbers with different voices and apparently didn’t finish my vacation stay and could’ve gotten 4 vacations for just $1200! But most times I called it was confused people so I think its shitty spoofing or something, still don’t totally know TBH.