Refund scammerz - (585) 376-7888

Number: (585) 376-7888

Guy is kinda mad cuz I got onto 2 of his computers with anydesk XD

This call is to inform you that we need to charge you $299.99 from your bank account to continue your subscription of your computer maintenance as your subscription got ended if you want to cancel your subscription and claiming your amount back then please call us back on our toll free number 352-496-9931 extension 2 connect with our cancellation department tired of people number 352-496-9931.


Oh man are they triggered… LOL, Did you delete any files? Or just get connected?
After a few taunting calls it started going to voicemail (the 7888 number) so I left a long taunting message. I can’t get the 9931 number to work…

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I didn’t even call them before and they got so mad lmao, the guy who answered was swearing so much!

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He won’t answer (goes to voice mail) but he keeps calling me back.
Typical coward scammer, won’t say anything directly to me.

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He wont pick up to me either lol, he got pretty pissed after he found out what I did lmao


Did you syskey that benchode?

No lol, but I bet he won’t be scamming anyone today with how damn paranoid he is :joy:

I honestly just called them and told them that I needed a refund then he said “Oh My God, don’t you got other work to do?!” Then hung up :confused:

Loved the video :joy::rofl: omg hahahahaha

He just answers the phone now with “are you in front of your computer?” So peeved

I just called them, they still think that you keep calling them and they mentioned the computers LMAO

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lol I haven’t called them since yesterday lmfao

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“the text now subscriber is not availible…” I think y’all got him cheesed

No the scammer somehow disabled remote control andi reported his account to teamviewer