Refund Scare Tactics 1-833-228-1816

Robo call threatening to bill your card for 299 if you don’t call the number back and get a “refund” from them. The very first part of the robo message gets cut off on my answering machine… but it’s something about a perscription or a subscription.

Just spent 1h22m running these tossers in circles. Between (fake) poor-machine performance-induced reboots of my VM “PC”, downloading their files because they shared their screen to me when team viewer mysteriously wouldn’t connect, getting them to wait 5 minutes at a time for me to get drinks and pen and paper, they took the re-scam hook line & sinker. I was juuuust annoying and self righteous enough to be both irritating and plausible. I thought they were on to me a few times, but apparently I seemed sufficiently mark-like until the end. (Tip - give them the impression that you think you know heaps about computers more than “you” actually “do” - know just enough to make them initially get their guard up, then appear to know not much more, and plop, down goes their guard) . I’m just annoyed that I screen captured the whole thing (yay AMD, that worked), but for some unknown reason my SIP PBX decided to cut the recording at 2 minutes.

These guys are def still active, I put memz on on of their pcs lmao!


what teamviewer version bro?