ReImagePlus $387.65 Order Scam (Australia)

Scammer number: (03) 9015-7838
Scammer website: reimageplus (using real companies website)
Any other scammer information: I have recieved this email twice now (I’m in Australia). If you go to the remiage plus website I thought it looked fake but when I chatted to a support chat it said the email I received is real so it must be a legit site and they’re using the name to scam people.

The email is as follows from address [email protected]

Thankyou for your order.!!!

Your order confirmation has been successfully done & processed from our end, your account will be charged $387.65

  • Order Number: 745655
  • Order Date: 22:35, 28 Aug 2023
  • Items Ordered:
    • Item : ReImage-PC Repair
    • Quantity: 1
  • Total Amount: $387.65

To cancel an order and obtain a refund, contact our support team at (03) 9015-7838 as soon as possible


The charge will be processed shortly and should appear on your bank statement within the next 24 hours

Best regards,

ReImage-Plus Team
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I mucked around with them the first time and I called again today and when I told them the order number they hung up so maybe the order is something linked to their victims.

Hope you guys give them hell!