Relentless scammer won't leave me alone


Number 02032399839

They keep calling me every two days now for about 2 months and it annoying, I tell them i’m not interested but they wont leave me alone.

Thanks guys


I called them but made two unfortunate mistakes…

  1. Forgot to disable my caller ID and,
  2. Delete my “run” history…
    After opening run he went straight for “msinfo” and i kept closing but eventually he hung up…
    Gonna re try tomorrow… Also unfortunately no TeamViewer…


I called them up and played people screaming from youtube lol, they listened for about 2min haha :rofl:

They just keep hanging up on me now even though i was hiding caller ID.

Scammer Revolt, if you read this please try make a video on these guys, they need to go down, their so scummy.


Left them a nice long surreal voicemail message…


Lol, I want to listen to it haha