Repeated Tech Support Scam in India

Fake Virus Pop Up Tech Support Scam from India

Harpal Singh (Owner)- Atarpura, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Sivanthi Raja (Co-Owner) - Mogappair, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Account in UK:
IBAN: GB45HBUK40090652001101
Bank Address: 376 A Parsloes Avenue RM9 5QP
HSBC UK Bank Plc

Account in India:
Kaushambi Branch, Ghaziabad

Company Website:
Official Email: [email protected]

Shipra Krishna Azure, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Coral Castle Apartment, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Japan, Germany, Austria and Portugal - These are all the Countries where they are running Fake Technical Support and Scamming.

As we checked with the phone numbers using for Tech Support Scam, all are bought with the fake names

Repeating Fraud Activities with New Numbers now

Germany - 3072621396
Japan - 8009190432

Someone needs to report to Indian Police and take stringent actions

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Are there any other numbers?

Bro this guy is funny

What’s the number? What he say?

These Guys never fails to get caught - Harpal Singh and Sivanthi from India

German Phone Numbers which they are using now:

Domains used:

If they still continue with scamming, I will produce their Personal ID Card Info with Photo Tomorrow

Been following your thread for a very long time! All the numbers you post dont work all the time i try calling the german numbers using paid skype during german hours but i always find no one to speak or maybe they dont pick
btw they keep changing numbers everytime you catch them funny :grinning:

Noobie - Sivanthi and Harpal Singh

Created an account before 7 hours and trying to pretend you guys as GEM is really a NOOB thing.
why should you have a German Skype Subscription being in India ?

If someone tries to track them during German hours, definitely some scammers will be on the other side with a Welcome Greetings. I have tried many times and have the call recordings too with me. If needed will produce them too to Indian Police. Be ready to face the consequences.

Noobie ? who? someone should have a skype subscription if they cant dial a german local number if they arent from germany. Only to write replies i need an account for reading i dont

Okay Harpal Singh, I will continue my hunt on tracking you and other german scamming.
Will be in front of you in next few days and we can meet up along with cops