Robocalls/TCPA violations

Just wondering if robocalls from a company that might not be a scam can be listed on this forum, and under what category.
I received an unsolicited “tax advisory services” call Saturday afternoon. It went right to voicemail (which I regard as a sign that something’s shady), so I haven’t been able to check the originating number and see if it was spoofed. (Which would be another sign that the caller knows they’re doing something illegal. My cell carrier seems to have removed the option to get “envelope information” for each voicemail.)
The robo-recording did leave a company name and a phone number. I called it and got a recording with “to continue, press 1,” which went to some of the worst music-on-hold I’ve ever heard. (I’d almost rather listen to “Minute Waltz” for five minutes.)
The company and/or its CEO are the defendant(s) in three federal district court cases that I’ve found so far, for Telephone Consumer Privacy Act violations. The voicemail I got (and saved) is pretty much the same as the robomessage quoted in the complaint for one of the two cases for which I’ve been able to download PDFs of the complaints.
If there’s not a category for something like this, could there be a new one? I’d like to sue the bastitches, too, and have other recipients of those calls join in.
Thanks for reading.

This form is solely for scammer numbers and scammer information as it is a scambait forum so the answer to your question would be no so in that case, I won’t be creating any category for it. I understand that companies like this are a burden too like scammers but for me, they are a relatively low target or not even a target at all since scammers are the ones going out of their way to scam people out of their living wages. For something like this seeing that it is probably a US-based company unlike most scammers that are based in India and Pakistan, the best option would probably be to go through the official channels and report any telemarking abuse the company has made, hope this was helpful! :+1:

Very helpful. Thanks for the reply, and for not just deleting the post,
I’m learning so much from you and everyone here. :+1: :sunglasses: :+1:

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Yeah, definitely. No problem! Going to close this topic now that it has been answered.